"Parallel Worlds", in Domus, May 2007
By E.S.

The exhibition “A Flavio”, showing until 20 June at the MuseoLaboratorio in Città Sant’Angelo, brings together works by Manfredi Beninati and Giuseppe Stampone. In the galleries of this ex-tobacco factory in the province of Pesaro, the two emerging artists, who are also friends, have found themselves working on a common theme, the afterlife, and have dedicated the exhibition to the memory of Manfredi’s younger brother Flavio who passed away last year. The artists invite the public to interact with their works, a point of access between one life and another. Stampone, recognised for his experimental approach that combines art with new technology, projects visitors into the virtual community Second Life by means of a multimedia installation he developed in collaboration with the Diomira network. Beninati also catapults the viewer into another dimension, but without the use of technological means: a natural setting is achieved by flooding the rooms of the museum. This experimental and courageous exhibition aspires to “present the multi-dimensional contemporaneity in which we live”.

Installation view of Manfredi Beninati's "A Flavio"